01 Public Security
The Hikvision AI+ new safe city solution provides complete and efficient smart safe city solutions and forward-looking safe city technologies, targeting areas such as “camera terminals, cloud computing, and usage”. This solution of video surveillance system for public security provides a new way of thinking for community administration. With video at its core, big data video solutions create the city’s “smart brain” by enabling the monitoring of related persons, vehicles, and objects for detection, analysis, searching, and other applications. Furthermore, many other solutions tailored for fire departments, the communication industry, governments, and other areas are waiting to be experienced.
Key Highlights
1.The AI+ new safe city: from analogue to high definition and further on to high-efficiency data applications based on AI and cloud computing technologies, exploring new heights in city structuralization;
2.The “Sharp Eye” engineering and related solutions are exploring new ways of “human + technology” innovative community administration with a vision for “safety, benefit to the people, and administration”.
3.Big data video is the next big thing. Hikvision’s big data video solution utilizes video as its core, and perfectly combines data with business intuition via detection, analysis, searching, and application on related persons, vehicles, and objects within videos.
02 Traffic
Where did you come from? Where are you going? How do you get around? Which route do you prefer? Which areas are congested? Where to find a parking lot? …… Look into the future with Hikvision city traffic neural network. It takes you to a new era of ITS2.0 cloud traffic. The combination of AI and Deep Application brings new applications to the transportation industry, allowing you to enjoy safe, efficient, and high-quality transportation services.
Key Highlights
1.Establishes TOCC city neural network by converging urban road networks (traffic control gateway statistics, transport incidents, congestion, traffic control, and other information), public transport (taxis, buses, online taxi booking, subway, ferries, bicycles), inter city transportation (civil aviation, railway, passenger road transport, high speed), urban static traffic (parking lots, transportation facilities); Provides services to industry administration, government decision making, traffic emergency response, and public services through data mining and analysis on big data analytics platform and cloud service platform.
2.Cloud-based traffic control through complete perception of various types of traffic information in the cloud platform; strong data processing using capacity support to achieve various types of integrated data for all aspects related to traffic management services to achieve safe, efficient, and high-quality transportation services.
3.Using information captured by AR equipment such as Eagle Eye and high altitude PTZ to establish an integrated networked image library and image monitoring system, an information system that puts cloud-based AR as the central nervous system and provides visual data experience and assurance for traffic management, vehicle inspection and control, detection, prevention and patrolling, counter-terrorism and other security services.
Examples of Intelligent Systems
Intelligent Transportation Project, Benxi City Traffic Police Detachment, Liaoning Province
“3·20” Traffic Surveillance Project, Changzhou Wujin District, Jiangsu Province
Jiaohuang Road Third District E-Police Project, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
Yichun Traffic Police Intelligent Transportation Project , Jiangxi Province
G20 Intelligent Transportation Platform Project, Hangzhou Traffic Police Detachment
Shenzhen Traffic Police “HD Platform” Project
Hangzhou City Transportation Department Command Centre Transformation Project
Ningbo Public Traffic Dynamic Video Surveillance System
Chengdu Shenma Online Private Car Booking Project
First Stage Construction Video Surveillance System of Chongqing Rail Traffic Line 5
Shenzhen Subway Network CCTV System
Comprehensive Transportation Hub Construction at Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport
Command Centre and Intelligent Port Project at Zhoushan City Maritime and Port Bureau
Dynamic Container Identification and Smart Tally System at Guangzhou Nansha Port
Network Video Surveillance System at Qingdao Port
Expressway Video Surveillance Network Project, Chongqing City
Offsite Speeding Law Enforcement in Xingchang County
Intelligent Network Parking Project, Hangzhou Binjiang
Wuzhen AGV Smart Parking Project
03 Finance
With the ever-increasing demand for high definition, intelligent functions and popular facial recognition applications in the financial industry, the security solution for finance is transforming and upgrading from an integrated system to an intelligent one. Based on deep-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, an intelligent security solution takes advantage of the powerful cloud computing and big data analytics to deeply integrate video analytics into the business and help restructure your business and assist decision making.
Key Highlights
1.Transforms the security system into an intelligent one through intelligent self-analysis AI systems upgrade.
2.Enhances risk management and control through deep integration of remote industry consulting service environments, design; provides remote cloud financial services.
3.Improves customer experience using an intelligent customer identification system.
4.With deep learning and structural video technology as a foundation, big data financial security serves as the core to integrate AI, video, alarm, and operations to help you with strategic decision making.
5.Transparent business operation, mobile security management, more intelligent alarms, faster operations, and better quality services.
04 Energy
Hikvision’s solution for the energy industry combines new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and mobile Internet, to gradually form the new concept of "Internet, pertaining to manufacturing safety, station-side operations, and ecological monitoring.
With regards to manufacturing safety, we take on the responsibility of managing the "people, vehicles, objects, and environment" within enterprises, enhancing the proactive intelligence of enterprises’ manufacturing safety and improving their ability to issue advanced warnings.
With regards to station-side operations, we help with the daily operations of gas stations and charging stations to protect station security, optimize enterprise management, and enhance customer service.
With regards to the ecological monitoring, video serves as the core and integrates intelligent and perceptive data in order to provide data support and a basis for decision making pertaining to ecological assessment, law enforcement, emergency services, traceability, and forecasts. This jointly protects the life community consisting of mountains, water, forests, farmland, and lakes.
Key Highlights
Manufacturing Safety: Uses AI and integrates business, accessibility to operational personnel, helmet detection, protection of facilities against damage, intelligent meter reading, and other industry-specific functions. It extensively services operational controls, operation inspection, manufacturing review, and other processes to ensure safe manufacturing.
Station Operations: Explores the exchange of big data among vehicles, human, and consumption, opens a new direction for station operations, and builds an innovative application that combines marketing management and operational analysis.
Environmental Monitoring: Builds a 24/7, multi-dimensional ecological environment intelligence perception system. This system provides data support for the decision making of environment assessment, law enforcement, emergency services, traceability, and forecasts.
Smart Energy Solution
Zhejiang Shell In-Car Payment Project
Tianjin PetroChina Gas Station License Plate Recognition Project
Shanghai PetroChina Gas Station License Plate Recognition Project
Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau Outdoor/Overhead Fire Video Surveillance System Project
Zhejiang Jiaxing Intelligent Power Plant Security Technology Transformation Project
Shanxi Province Zhinvquan Wind Farm Turbine Monitoring System Project
Zhangjiamao Coal Screening Plant Intelligent Video Project;
Jiangsu Binhai Intelligent Chemical Park Project;
Yantai Qingquan Marine Ranching Underwater Monitoring Project.
05 Judicial
In recent years, Hikvision has made progressive strides in core video technology areas such as multi-dimensional perception, artificial intelligence, and big data. These applications have been widely used in prisons, courts, procuratorates, committees, supervisors, and other judicial bodies. Hikvision has made breakthroughs in the field of smart video analysis for daily judiciary operations to provide a safe, reliable, simple, and intelligent model for operation management.
Key Highlights
1.Smart management of court petition personnel, smart identification of inmates in prison, smart monitoring of key inmate behaviours, smart control of prison gates, and so on, are all smart applications being widely used in the judiciary system. Drop by at the expo to experience first-hand, the power of artificial intelligence.
2.The judicial administrative video network is of great significance and is extensively used in in the prison administration, detox institutions, and the Department of Justice of various government levels. Audio and video visual operation and maintenance platforms will effectively solve the many management problems brought on by large amounts of audio visual equipment and resources of video networks for provincial and municipal courts… Take a glance at our solution at the CPSE Expo.
06 Education
As AI technology develops and campus security moves away from the current “spot + network” surveillance mode towards intelligence and data analysis combined with technologies such as edge computing, deep learning, big data analytics, and cloud storage. The transformation to a pre-prevention model is achieved through intelligent security upgrade and is used to provide users with more accurate and efficient operations management.
Core Highlights
1.Using deep learning technology as the foundation, and utilizing interactive live detection technology to extract human facial and body information, unauthorized personnel access is effectively prevented, and attendance and access control security services to realize the smart campus upgrade is provided.
2.A deep-learning based smart security system that covers comprehensive campus security requirements, intelligently analyses precaution and alarm data, and effectively takes the security of campus under control.
07 Smart Buildings
Hikvision’s construction site big data service platform uses advanced technologies such as IoT, big data, and cloud computing to provide big data collection and analysis service such as video surveillance, facial recognition, environmental monitoring, safety helmet regulations, crane status, and other important construction site services.
Hikvision’s retail cloud uses IoT video technology to build a safe, insightful, and integrated smart solution, deeply empowering the transformation and innovation of retail chains.
Key Highlights
1.The construction site IoT service platform includes the monitoring of various construction site data and effectively resolves various issues related to safety and supervision in construction sites.
2.Hikvision’s retail cloud provides standardization of everything that large retail chain users will need, providing a smart and digitalized one-stop shop cloud service to aid retail chain users in their transformation and upgrade.
08 Integrated Security
Hikvision is focused on excellence in the field of integrated security. Based on its many years of industry and project experience, Hikvision launched the industry-leading iVMS-8700 Integrated Security Management Platform with features including system integration, networking standardization, intelligent prevention, digitized management and 3D visualization that can fully meet your needs in end terminal, on cloud, and in applications.
Key Highlights
Facial Recognition: Uses facial recognition technology to achieve access control, video intercom, attendance tracking, and transforms from ID card access to facial access, liberating your hands and pockets and creating high quality user experience and services.
Comprehensive Protection: Builds a complete and strong integrated security system to achieve high efficiency security linkage and deep integration.
Deep Intelligence: Integrated intelligence of human, vehicles, and objects and enhanced security efficiency based on AI technology.
Large Network: An integrated and networked security system.
Typical Applications
Integrated security of government compounds, residential districts, industrial parks, campus security, etc.